Our Story

Bamboo Revolution was originally founded as a natural eco-friendly watch brand... Originally born out of a university project in 2012, at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.
Today we have expanded across borders, and product categories to deliver our original, minimalist designs.
We have created statement pieces, that tell a story about sustainable fashion and recyclable wearables, and are are committed to re-designing functional products in a more sustainable way. 

Our guiding principle is "reduce, reuse, recycle"  ♻️ ♻️ ♻️ and we are committed to driving social economic change within our communities.
Our products are made to blend in with our surrounding environment. Whether it be at the beach, out in the country, or within the city, our products possess the unique ability to be both subtle, and yet turn heads at the same time.

Our Values


All of our products have a simplistic, authentic and timeless design, which means that it will compliment any outfit and will be suitable for every occasion. Your product will not have any unnecessary details or branding and will naturally blend in with any surrounding. An unassuming statement piece, worn equally by both men and women.

Green Revolution

Bamboo is a grass that grows in rapid abundance in nature, and does not require any enablers to assist its growth. It is the world's fastest growing plant. It releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. It's tensile strength is stronger than that of steel. Yes, you read that correctly! Inspired by the versatility, durability and natural beauty, we choose bamboo as the core component of our products and aim to keep it in its authentic form, making each product totally unique!

Social Responsibility

We are proud supporters of local enterprise and we choose to support and collaborate with other local small business, as much as possible. Wherever economically viable, we will work towards empowering local artisans and senior citizens within our communities, so that they can remain economically active. Through our actions, we aim to inspire you to get involved and start doing!