Community Programs

bamboo shweshwe watch ikamva labantu south africa

By purchasing any one of our products, you are participating in social-economic change. Bamboo Revolution is an extremely proud partner of Ikamva Labantu, a community-based organisation located in Cape Town, South Africa. Ikamva Design is their social enterprise initiative that works with senior citizens and local artisans to assist them with generating income.

By purchasing any one of our shweshwe based products, you are not only empowering artisans but also senior citizens to remain economically active. In many cases, senior citizens living in the township suburbs remain the pillars of their families and often become the parental figures for their grandchildren. Your purchase contributes toward the economic upliftment of these pillars of society.  

As part of the global village in which we live, we are all connected. Every one of us has this unique opportunity, responsibility, and privilege to become agents of social change.


bamboo watch shweshwe ikamva labantu south africa      bamboo watch shweshwe south africa     Ikamva Labantu is native Xhosa language meaning “the future of the people”  

bamboo shweshwe watch ikamva labantu