What size watch strap am I?

    • Bamboo Revolution categories watch strap lengths into 2 sizes:¬†
      • Small (20cm)¬†
      • Large (23cm)¬†
    • Step1:¬†Grab a piece of string or a shoelace ‚ÄĒ wrap it around your wrist, and mark off where the string comes together.¬†Then, lay that length of string flat against a ruler. Voila! That's your wrist size measurement.¬†
    • Step2:¬†Use the sizing chart below to determine which size is best for you.¬†
    • Top Tip:¬†If you are on the upper end of the spectrum, i.e. an 18cm circumference¬†wrist, then size up to a Large.¬†
    • Here are 3 practical examples on our Original Range:¬†
    • If your wrist is 16cm in circumference - then you are a SMALL.¬†
    • If your wrist is 19cm in circumference - then you are a LARGE.¬†
    • If your wrist is 18cm in circumference - then although you are both a SMALL & LARGE, rather size up to a Large.¬†
    • If you are uncertain, then feel free to email your wrist circumference to us, and we will gladly assist you.
      Bamboo Revolution Sizing chart